Monday, November 02, 2009

Ice Wreath

Not cold enough to make this yet...but maybe in a month? Sure is pretty. Check out Resurrection Fern to see all the "how-to's" to make this pretty Ice Wreath. LINK


redeemed diva said...

I love this wreath. I still have the link you sent me for the round ice circles (using lace doilies) last year when I posted my ice candles. I can't wait to make them this year.
I like the new look of your blog. Very fresh. It's good to mix things up once in a while and I like the colours you chose.
I have a question-it may be silly--your name is happy doodler. I always thought you would be putting up little doodles that you've drawn. Do you doodle? If so, what do you consider doodling. I would love to see 'doodles' on your blog...unless you highlighting the special simple things you do in your crafty way is the doodling. Please let me know, I've always been curious about that. I'll check back here to see what you say!!!

Shaun and Holly said...

Thank you! The name of my Blog comes from my Husband. He was the one that 1st thought that I would enjoy Blogging! So, he set me up an account and gave it the name The Happy Doodler. YES...I love to doodle! Happens on my church notes, grocery lists, and what ever other papers that I can find laying around! :) Great idea to post a few pics of my doodle every once and a while. I will post some today...just for you!!