Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years is coming...

A dear lady at our Church died with great dignity after a long fight with Cancer. Her funeral is tomorrow (New Years Eve), which we will attend. ~We are making plans to have a quiet evening at home Celebrating the New Year. We are hoping to buy or rent a few movies and have a fun family Movie Marathon! :) 

Here are the list of movies that we may get:

  • Ground Hog Day
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Blast from the Past
  • A Knights Tale
  • October Sky
  • The Day after tomorrow

We got these ideas from a great site called Plugged in on-line and these were recommendations for Teenagers.

Thinking back over the year 2009, I have to say it has been a VERY good year for our family. The words that describe the year the best would be:

  • joy
  • harvest
  • filled

Did you have a good year? What are the words that would describe your 2009? What do you hope 2010 will bring? For me, I hope 2010 brings me a job! 


Jen said...

Holly is that the lady who gave her testimony right before Christmas?
Your eve sounds relaxing.

Shaun and Holly said...

Yes, it is she. :(

Happy New Year Friend! Praying your 2010 is rich and full of unexpected joy! :)

Amy said...

Happy New Year!!!

Maureen said...

Happy New Year
Hope you had a wonderful evening
Blessings for the new year.
As for Avatar it is in 3D so if Josiah has the opportunity to see it at theatres I would highly suggest that. It's incredible

Shari said...

2009 was a year of Harvest in our personal lives... I am still blow'in away by God's goodness!

Happy New Year to your family.