Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year: 2010!

What a super great year 2009 was (for our family)!! Husband and I have been talking about goals and desires for the new year.
I would like to
  • loose weight (considering joining Weight Watchers on-line versions. My cousin did this and not only did she loose weight but she loved the program)
  • get a job (i think only part time)
  • clean out the garage (and maybe have a sale) or multiple trips to the donation depot
While looking for jobs and talking to various people it has been interesting how one idea snowballs into another. Talking about a position at a Crisis Pregnancy center that I would not have the credentials for (but one I secretly hope that my volunteer and life experience qualify me for). Someone asked me if I would enjoy taking a Child and Youth Worker College Course, or Social Worker? And another thought thrown out there for me: Did I know that I could take the Social Worker courses Part time and on-line? No, didn't know that.

Here is what I do know:
  • I love being a mom
  • I love nurturing
  • I love people
  • I love pointing others to information that will give them the tools to equip them
  • I love justice
  • I love helping people that have need
When I was busy in the schools volunteering in my children's classrooms I discovered that my very favorite job was one on one reading with the really naughty and oh so needy kids. One boy stole my heart. He and his brothers had no mom (in their lives) and were being raised by their young father. This little 6 year old had so much anger and so wanted attention. At times he would actually bite his own arms and harm himself, to see if you cared enough to interview. :( It wasn't long after that my desire to be a Foster Mom kicked in. Husband and I both felt that the time was not yet right and that most likely we would wait until our kid's were off to Collage or University before we opened up our home (and hearts) to other children.

Now I find myself here today. 36 years old. Our own kid's are teenagers (or almost...2 more months for "T")! I am very thankful to have been able to be "at home" for nearly 15, raising our kids. But now we find ourselves needing a second income. I believe God will guide me to the right job and I am trying to be obedient to follow His leading. So far I have applied to work at: Insurance Companies, Shoppers Drug Mart and also at a Seniors Home. Hopefully, in 2010 I will have some news to share re. a job! I look forward to it and will let you know when there is news to share!! *note* I do not believe for one second that this is all just about "money". God is creative and He can provide in so many ways. I believe that this job search, getting a job is going to be a great blessing in many ways...I just don't know how. Yet. Kinda exciting. A bit nerve racking. Changes coming...

Happy New Year!


The Hippie Moose said...

All the best as you embark on 2010!! Here's to you living a really good story at the hands of a Great Writer!

redeemed diva said...

All the best in 2010. Sounds like adventure is on the horizon for you. Can't wait to follow along as you blog it!

Patty said...

Cheering you along the whole way Holly! :) HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Yup.. change is coming. I didn't realize you write this until after I wrote my post on change... cool

Shaun and Holly said...

I was surprised and happy to read your latest post re. Change. :) We are on the same page, Friend!