Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shadow Lands
by John Ortberg

Had opportunity to sit under some great teaching this morning via a video at my Church. Here are some of my random thoughts as a result...

  • We all need clarity and purpose to know what our "calling" is. But there will be things that pull us away from that calling (and he calls these things by the name of "Shadow mission").
  • A Shadow mission is apart from God and is our sinful nature that lurs us to it. Some examples of this are: advocating responsibility, having a spectacular ministry (caring only about appearance), selfish pleasure, mood and ego, escape, always wanting more (money, clothes), etc, etc...
  • Jesus was faced with a shadow mission as well. His was to be a leader with out having to suffer, or a Savor that didn't need to carry a cross. Because he was with out sin he was able to resist that temptation and did indeed, suffer (so we don't have to).
Who is more content? An man that has a million dollars or a man that has 12 children?
The man who has 12 children. Why? Because he doesn't want anymore! heeheehee....

  • If you are struggling with recognizing what your shadow mission is. Here is one man's answer: "To watch TV and engage in a destructive sexual habit when the world around me is in ciaos and lost needing someone to show them the way (to God)." Another persons is: ego and appearance. These will be things that are somewhat closely related to your gifts and wiring but in the direction of the destructive side.

  • Question.
    What is your "shadow mission"?
    When you have figured that out, then you have to not give into it. Live in the fullness and live the life God has for you to be free and thriving!
Personal reflection and making this more real. ~My shadow mission is escape (hiding). A big part of my purpose is to lead. If I am escaping and hiding, it is pretty hard (maybe impossible!) to lead.

Bless you all on your own journeys...

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