Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ahhhh Summer!

A different Summer for us, with me working Part Time. I landed a job (my dream job) as Director of Client Services in June at a local Crisis Pregnancy Centre. This week I will be starting my 8th week there. I am LOVING the job, just loving it!! I feel that it fits me like a glove (even though I have much to learn).

The kid's are staying busy with friends and "dates" with their Grandparents. Our Girl just returned home after joining my parents at the Cottage for a few days. We barely had time to kiss and hug her before we were driving her to a friends house for a sleep over with 5 other 13 year olds for a night of Chick Flicks (and maybe some sleep). Our Boy is off to a friends house next week who has a something of a recording studio in his house. The boys will play radio host and are taping a few hours of our Boy being a radio host. Should be fun for them. They have been planing this for many months. After they spend the day listening to music, they are coming here for a sleep over. Thank goodness, I don't work every day -I wouldn't be able to keep up with our teenagers!

My garden is growing very well. I have been eating green and yellow beans. I am trying to be patient an wait for some tomatoes to ripen!

We did spend a few days as a family, joining my parents at a cottage they rented. Unfortunately, our computer deleted all our pictures from that trip. I will probably be able to "borrow" some of the pictures that my parents took though, and will post those later as well. Ya'll need to see pics of the stunningly beautiful cedar strip canoe that my Dad made for us.

Happy July all!


Jen said...

It's a Whole new world with teens eh Holly? So glad you ar eloving your will give you something to do while your kids are off socializing!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a full, wonderful life!