Friday, August 20, 2010

For you Mommy!

My Mom is wondering why I am not posting much on my Blog.
Working part time has taken over, I suppose. In point form here are a some things that we have been "dealing" with in the past 3 months...

  • sinus infection
  • stomach flu
  • 2 bladder infections
  • heal spurs (both heals)

There has been some fun stuff too! Like:
  • a 2 day family Holiday at Waterpark, shopping at Ikea and a night in a Hotel
  • a visit from Relatives that I haven't seen since I was in Grade 2 (about 29 years ago)!

My darling husband has been doing more of the cooking around here. :) He has been learning to grill all kinds of stuff. Wonderful!

The kid's love that I am working. To them it translates into:
  • eating out more
  • us saying yes to more things (since we can afford it)
  • some healthy independence
What has your family been up to this Summer?


mel said...

holly?! as in shawn and holly from pei??? how crazy is that i found your blog, on blogger, on a random click! wow. life is full of little suprises and such! it's melanie was carroll but married and took on "eigenheer"! remember little ol' moi!? anyways. i am off to check your blog out!

Shaun and Holly said...

Hello Mel!! :)
Small world!!!!

Welcome to my Blog!

Patty said...

Hmmm...this summer has gone by so quickly, I've had to work to remember ...

*surgery for Nathan
*2 camping trips with lots of wonderful friends
*Vacation Bible School
*Missionary Camp with the boys
*beach trip
*gym classes
*Daddy in Haiti

It's been a good summer - our first all together as a family of five. :) Thank You God!