Monday, November 08, 2010

Christmas is coming...

It is chilly here in Canada! We have had snow (just a dusting) 3 times all ready. All of us are wearing winter coats and I guess it is only a matter of time before the winter boots come out as well. We are all ready enjoying Christmas music although we have held off on decorating (for a few more weeks).

We have a new (to us) car and I drove it for the 1st time yesterday. I really like it. I was driving on a straight road and got up to a fairly good speed. I am getting better but my calf cramps up as I am still not as relaxed as I should be. It will get better. I can take a road test in March...then I can drive by myself!

I am loving my job and it is challenging me in many ways. That is a good thing. The kid's are growing up so fast and I am proud of the young man and young woman that they are growing into. It's pretty amazing to have teenagers!

What is new with you in your little corner of the world?


Patty said...

Mom & Dad are coming for the winter to help out! I am SOOOOO thankful! I definitely need help & the kids are going to benefit so much from the extra help in school & the extra TLC! YAY!

It is still pretty mild here. Usually "jeans & a sweat shirt weather". Last year we had quite a bit of snow & it was way too much for me! Hey, I like living in the South for a reason! So, I am hoping for a mild winter with little or no snow!

We are learning about the American Indians & settlers in school, as well as studying the science of air & the solar system. The boys also just play outside a lot which I think is so great for them. They imagine, invent, compete etc.

That's our little update. :)

kay_can said...

Love your Blog...