Friday, December 31, 2010

Milestones of 2010

  • dear daughter turned 13
  • I got a job at the Crisis Pregnancy Centre
  • we got a new car
  • husband discovered he had some health issues (liver related)
  • I lost 13 pounds
  • took a marriage course
  • we celebrated 17 years of marriage away at a beautiful Inn
  • i got my drivers license (my G1...I will take my G2 in the new year)
As 2010 approached, I felt God showing me that it was a year of change and I was to get ready to be stretched. That sure turned out to be the way things went!

Husband and I had some time to talk during a recent date about what we feel like God is showing us for this new year coming. The word we got was: Intentional. We have some personal goals this year. We will be joining a gym and working out together 3 days a week. (This should help with the health issues that husband has discovered and should also help me keep the lost weight off). Maybe it will even be fun!? We also want to be intentional to READ. Life has been very busy this year and we have not made time to read. We want to read for fun and to read to learn and grow.
Husband also got another word: captivated....more info on that coming later.

What is your "word" for 1011?

Happy New year!

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