Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Laser Hair Removal is the number one requested laser treatment. Many women find the hair growing on their legs, underarms, upper lip or anywhere else unattractive, especially if others can see. Shaving daily, tweezing, threading, and waxing are temporary. Any skin color can be treated, hair that is dark (brown-black) will respond to the laser the best. Lasers cannot see hair that is blonde, gray, red, or white, and therefore are not a candidate. The treatment feels like mild rubber band snaps against the skin and once the speedy treatment ends so does the heat sensation. The process is easy to endure, the hardest part is patience. Only the hair that is actively growing gets zapped by the laser, that's only 30 percent at a time. It takes 7 -14 treatments every 4 weeks to get permanent hair reduction and removal.
 Just like aesthetics and fashion compliment each other, laser hair removal not only kills the pesky hair follicle it also tightens wrinkles. The heat from the light based laser is the deepest and most effective way to tighten and repair loose skin. So are we getting skin tightening and laser hair removal in the same treatment?? YES! 

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