Thursday, February 21, 2013

Strep, Winter Camp, Canadian Winter!

Well, Miss T got a bad case of Strep and is still recovering, day 7 of Antibiotics today. Teenage son went off to Winter Camp over the long weekend and had a great time. Miss T was pretty sad not to be able to join him, though. :(

Miss T is looking forward  to her March Break as she will be traveling to SC with her Best Friend's Family for a week of Holidays. LUCKY! We will be here shoveling snow! Actually, Teenage Son may be taking a Driving School from Mon-Thursday. That is....IF he is willing to help pay for it ($700). I hope he does will be really nice for him to have that (skill).

My work is very busy as April is quickly approaching and we have a major fund raiser. I am hoping that work will be sending me to Victoria BC in May for some training. We looked into husband joining me...but the tickets are so so so much money. Wayyyyyy cheeper to go to Cuba! :O

Until next time,
The Happy Doodler

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