Sunday, March 10, 2013


It's March Break in Canada for the kids who are in School. Meanwhile, husband and I both have to work as per normal. Ugh. Oh well. Daughter is in South Carolina and Son is kicking back home (couch surfing, i think it is called). Hahahaha!

While daughter is soaking up the sun (she wore t shirt and shorts today), son is memorizing lines for his HS Musical (Once upon A Mattress). He was cast as the Jester and he is pretty excited.

Darlah has some news as well. Darlah is our toddler Boston Terrier. She can roam the house now when we go out and no longer has to be put in her crate!! Yahoo!!! We thought it would never happen as she has been so great at getting into trouble.

I have been suffering off and on with a very swollen inner ankle. I think it is tendinitis but I will try getting my Dr to have a look at it soon. I am icing it, elevating it and wrapping it. All those things help but it just won't get better and stay "healthy".Very frustrating.

Peace out.

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