Saturday, February 21, 2015

IBS Diagnosis

Well, I am happy to say that I am cancer free and I do not have Colitis. What I do have though, is IBS. I have recently seen a Registered Dietician and they have put me on a strict Diet called FODMAP.

CLick here to read about FODMAP and IBS! 

I have been following the diet for 4 days and I feel GOOD! I had a hic up today. I am "allowed" to eat Oats but after eating "steel cut oats" I had considerable stomach pain for 5-6 hours afterward. No more of those for me!!

I meet with the RD in 2 weeks to talk about how things are going and possibly will be able to start eating some of the foods that I am fasting right now (ie. beans and lentils).

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