Friday, March 23, 2007

Sewing more bags...
Here is the latest bag that I sewed up...jean with a plaid lining.


Amy said...

Cute. I think I saw Tirzah with one at church?

Finally got my curtain rod up, so I'll send the measurements to you rush though. (I've waited 8 months to get the rod

Holly said...

Thanks Am!
I have made Tirzah a little tote bag out of that some plaid fabric. She loves it to carry her bible and a water bottle. I am going to make more for some other little ones as they seem to love having their own bag to carry their treasures around in.

Yes, we must get those curtains completed and up to cover your

Isn't this a beautiful sunny day today?! And Shaun gets to come home early from work today. Yah!!

Amy said...

You don't think my neighbours like my naked body? Holly..I'm shocked!

Beautiful day...Kids have been out ever since they awoke from their naps... NICE!!!

Plus...I don't work again until Thursday!! WOOHOO!!

Anonymous said...

I like it!!!

I still think you should start selling them to boutiques!!! You have a gift!

Love you Holly

Holly said...

Thanks Cheryl!
Actually, we are looking into selling some of the things that I make (and some of Shaun's art also)on Etsy. You can see it at:

Please pray for us to have wisdom as we venture out trying to make some $$ at this. We need clever ideas and need to know God's timing and get His "go ahead".

Shari said...

You are a very talented lady. We need to chat about featuring some of your items at a ladies event I'm working on.

In December God impressed on my heart that I was to bless and release women in their giftings and abilites. Through blogging I've discovered you ladies are very gifted.

I'm VERY EXCITED and know that God is up to something....IT'S BIG AND IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING and we get to be part of it -YIPPEE!!!!

Seeing the photos of your creations is part of a prophetic picture. These creations represent another piece of the puzzle. I can hardly wait to see the complete picture!