Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life Beneath Antarctic Ice

Take a look at these amazing creatures...created by an AWESOME GOD!

When Starfish Attack
The omnivorous Odontaster validus, or red star, feeds on another sea star species, the larger Acodontaster conspicuus.

Ghost of the Sea A scyphomedusa, the largest plankton in the area, has tentacles over 9m in length and its bell can reach over 1m in diameter.

Sleek Swimmers A group of Emperor penguins darts in the water. Emperors can dive to 600m and stay underwater for 20 minutes.


redeemed diva said...

These are awesome photos, Holly. I love Antarctica. I'm so fascinated by it's beauty. Thanks for the post.

Tirzah said...

Great photos mom! The Ghost of the sea is beautiful. Bon imagen maman! Le Ghost of the sea est très beau!
Have a good day. Bon jorne!