Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bird's Eye View

I am "flower sitting for my parents while they are spending 3 weeks with my sister and her family, in North Carolina.
Mom brought over all her potted plants, since they will need daily watering. Every few days, I go to their house and water their garden (which includes a very large asparagus patch). Anyway, this picture is of our patio, a narrow long space, in between our house and the garage.

My favorite plant that I have in this area is my new Patio Rose. It is white and very fragrant. It was a birthday gift to me from my friend Jenny. She is a close friend and knows what I love! I have had up to 15 blossoms at one time. (See 2nd picture at the bottom of my post for a closer look at my beautiful roses.)

One evening my husband and I were out, breathing in the fragrant blossoms. He said to me; "This Rose must really like you!" I smiled and then had this thought..."No, God does! He loves me. He shows me, His love by blessing me with lovely flowers and gardens that grow. He does it because he knows that I love them!" Then we got talking about how God blesses each one of us with something(s) that has great value to us, just because he loves us. He knows us intimately so he knows just the
"right" gifts to give us!

Don't miss it. What good gifts has He given you? Maybe it is your child that speaks kindness to you each day, a husband who cooks, a best friend, a loyal puppy, a great job, funky jewelry, what ever....He loves to bless his kids and whats important to you IS important to Him!

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