Friday, August 03, 2007


:: a long weekend coming up

:: a helpful 12 year old (yes, you Josiah!)

:: my husband loves flowers (who else would put up with my gardening/flower passion?!!)

:: summer rain

:: a date night, coming up soon (we are going to see The Borne Ultimatum!)

(picture of my Aug. garden flowers, sitting on our kitchen window sill)


Jen said...


Your flowers really DO love you.
Very pretty.
The males in my house are also looking forward to The Borne....Maybe I'll check out Hairspray!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Love the picture- love all your pictures!!
The movie is great- just went yesterday. The lady in front of me bounced back and forth in her seat the whole time with the suspense! Funny.

God bless and have fun,

Shari said...

Nice flowers!

Amy said...

Love those flowers!! So jealous...I absolutely love fresh cut flowers!! Enjoy!