Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gratitude Saturday

:::::our kids; it is so amazing to see our children grow and mature into such great pre-teens. Josiah had fun at a friends pool yesterday evening and slept over for the night. Tirzah hung out with Shaun and I, as we had a relaxing evening at a friends' house. I love our kids!!

:::::new books; well...these are "new to me books"...but they are all vintage. We went to the library this afternoon. They had stacks of books to give away. I choose a few that I am planning on using for various art projects (
collage and mixed media). One of them is a children's book; Peter Pan. The illustrations are darling and remind me of a book that I had as a child. I will take a few pictures of it in the future, and post them on my blog.

:::::my sewing machine. My mom gave me a beautiful sewing machine when Shaun and I got engaged. That was 15+ years ago! For many, many years, I only used it to hem pants. But over this past year, I have been using it often and so enjoying sewing (pillow covers, purses, bags and totes, cell phone "cozies")!

:::::God is patient with us! I am so thankful that He is sooooooooo patient with me. It is so neat that He sees us as valuable treasures and sees our potential. He doesn't get blindsided with our shortcomings. He is cheering me on....GO GIRL GO! (He is cheering you on too.)

(image: butterfly in our garden...they love zinnias!)

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Rhonda said...

Great post Holly. Wonderful writing!