Thursday, September 06, 2007

School Time!

Hard to believe but it's that time of year again! We had a wonderful summer. The last day of Summer vacation was spent at the beach. What a great day, we had! There were 5 other families (all friends from our church) that met us there. Lots of friends for the kids to play with. It was very windy, so the waves were huge. We all slept well that night!

The kids both had a fantastic 1st day of school. Our boy is in Grade 7 and our girl is in Grade 5. A new school for Josiah...he walks to school. This is Tirzah's 2nd year at her new school, where she is in French Immersion. She has a new bus driver this year, but he seems nice.

I celebrated the 1st day of school with a few ladies at Jenny's house. She had quite the fancy tea party for us! The rest of the week, I have spent cleaning up the house and the yard. I have also finally cut into some of my European fabric, that my friend Magda gave me. I have made myself a little cell phone cozy (purse) as well as a pillow for the living room. I will post some pictures soon. I am learning lots and will be ready to start selling on our Etsy shop soon! YIPIE!!!

We picked up our Art work from Organic Underground, and brought it home today. They display art work for 60 days and then do a rotation of new Art. I am actually happy to have a few more pieces on our walls! ;o) We have some new ideas for matting and framing our photography to show it off better. We are learning lots through trial and error. But it feels great!


Jen said...

I am sooo glad the kids are happy in their new environments.
Enjoying your quiet time?

Rhonda said...

Sounds very exciting!

Amy said...

Where is Josiah going to school?