Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My children. I love them! This picture is an older one but so sweet . I love the way little sister looks lovingly up at her cool big brother. Josiah (grade 5) was in a Tom and Huck Fin play and Tirzah, (grade 3) looked dressed for the part as well!

Tirzah has had a difficult week. She found out that there were changes coming for the French Immersion students. She and 3 other classmates will be leaving their class and joining another...a grade 5/6 split. Thank GOD, Tirzah's best friend is also moving, to the new class. Which makes this unpleasant news is much more bearable for our little one. This change will not happen until after the Thanksgiving weekend. We would appreciate your prayers for Tirzah as she adjusts to a new teacher and new classmates as well.

The fall season. So beautiful. As I walked home from getting the kids off to school, I stopped walking and looked up. Way up...into a huge tree. There was a bit of a wind and yellow leaves were falling down. They made such a rustling sound as they scattered and blew down the street. Thank God for my ability to hear...and my ability to see the beauty of your creation.


Jen said...

Wow! Seems late for class changes. I know this is hard, but Tirzah is such a little trooper. She must be doing well if she is getting moved to a 5/6 split, they are always looking for independent workers when they do that.
The Piers group will pray.

Love to all

Roxanne said...

I agree; great photo. I am confident that Tirzah will adjust well to this change; sometimes its harder on us Moms!
Yes, fall is beautiful to both hear and see.

Jessie said...

Precious Photo!

Rhonda said...

This picture would look really neat with a sepia effect and then put it in a nice antique-looking frame.