Friday, December 07, 2007

Are you faint of Heart?
...if you are faint of heart, do not read this post!

This morning I was busily cleaning up all the recycling in the cupboard below our kitchen sink, in a hurry to get make sure I got everything out, before the truck arrived for pick up.

Now, I must take you back...a few weeks. I was startled to discover ity-bitty poop in our pantry. It didn't take long to figure out the problem...MICE! After cleaning up the mess and getting rid of anything that was open, I discovered a little hole in the wall. I stuffed it with steel wool. Days turned into weeks and I was thrilled not to see ANY sign of mice. Secretly, I wanted no part of traps (yuck!) and was just praying that God would remove these little pests from my house with His divine power!!

Just last week, while Shaun and I were gazing at our beautiful christmas tree we heard a scratchy noise...and it wasn't our dog. Hmmmmm.....That's when the words "mouse traps" came up...ICK!

Now, back to this morning. Has anyone ever made a homemade mouse trap? Did you know that a small empty bottle of red wine sitting under the sink in your kitchen cupboard is a trap? Not only for one little mouse...but for 4 mice? UGHHH! If anyone wants to see what that looked like, you will have to use your imagination because I am NOT taking pictures of that (shrudder)!


Rhonda said...

EWWWWW!!! I strongly dislike mice. Two houses ago, my oven was a trap. I came home from work, turned on the oven to heat then heard a very shrill screech. After that a horrible smell. A mouse had got into my oven and got caught under the element. Yuck! But, my husband got rid of it for me. :)

Amy said...

Oh goodness...that may make anyone scream!! LOL.
I, actually, don't mind those little critters. WHen I am working, I am on mouse patrol and empty the's not as bad as you think.

Jen said...

EEEEEEWWWWWWW!!! and Double EEEEEEWWWWWWWW to Amy's comment

Jessie said...

Do you know of an effective way to rid your house of them yet?? We have some in our attic. They had babies!!! My husband and I were doing the same thing, praying and hoping for divine intervention in their leaving our home. Now we hear the little babies at night. I was told not to poison them because then they go on a hunt looking for water and die and stink up the house. Babies are really kind of cute and I hate the thought of traps...but we have to get rid of them!!! *sigh*

Holly said...

Oh no!! Well, we can all keep praying, but I have also set up 2 traps in my kitchen. I will keep you posted!!

Tamatha said... my job at the girls home I have to set up traps sometimes. The cats get some of them...but they usually only catch them The worst was the year that there were rats. We used poison. Then...when I found one outside stiff as a board...I brought it in and put it in the compost bucket cause the girl that was on that job didn't empty it like she was supposed to. Hehehehe the screams that were heard!lol She actually believed me when I told her that it had climbed into the bucket and was unable to get out so it died!lol I am crewl I know....but it was so fun. I did confess to putting it in eventually!lol