Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harvest time!

We enjoyed some sun at a local Apple Orchard this past Sunday. It's a family tradition to get some treats and also to buy some pumpkin and squash to decorate for Fall. Our favorite treat is sesame seed brittle. (Most of you will know that my husband Shaun is allergic to nuts but not seeds, so this is a tasty treat that he can have too!) Here are a few pics of some of our Harvest (that someone else grew)! We are thankful!!!


Rhonda said...

I love trips to the apple orchard! So much fun and so many great memories for me! Okay...so, I've never seen a WHITE pumpkin! Is it a pumpkin??

Shaun and Holly said...

Yep! It's a pumpkin!

Mona said...

One of the girls brought in freshly picked apples to work. I forgot How much i missed the taste and enjoyed every sweet moment of my lunch.
Ahh the fall.... cable knit sweaters, hiking boots,apple orchards and the changing of the leaves. What a great season of change.

Magda said...

mmm love that line, "enjoying a harvest that someone else grew...".