Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marshmallow Blaster!!

OK, I admit it....i have started to think about Christmas. I have discovered that there will be an extra paycheck in the month of October so I am getting my list ready and am excited to shop for the kids! For mom's who are against their kids playing with toy guns, please stop reading now! Our son is now 13 and I promise he is a nice boy. He has a "Potato Gun" and guns that shoot out foam. This Marshmallow Gun though is something that he would absolutely LOVE!

"When a mini-marshmallow doesn't pack the punch you need, you need the Marshmallow Blaster! Firing a regular size marshmallow at a time you can peg your friends with big marshmallows from 40 feet away!"


Jen said...

Michael would love that!!!
Wouldn't want to step in all those marshmallows or have the dog eat them though...soooo, I dunno!

Shaun and Holly said...

Yeah. May have some sick puppies and messy yards!! ;o)

Mona said...

I know one shouldn't point a gun at anyone but does it count if their mouths are open?
I could volunteer for target practice