Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Terrific Kid

Josiah got an award yesterday! He won "Caring character award" and we are very proud. Josiah loves, loves, loves being in "middle school" and is actually very excited to begin High School next Fall. It's like he has waited for so long to be a Teenager and now that time has finally arrived, he is enjoying every part of it.

Keep spreading those wings Josiah and FLY!


Patty said...

Congrats Joe! Love ya!

Jen said...

Great Job Josiah!

Mona said...

Congratulations Josiah
You are truly a Terrific Kid I mean
Terrific Teen.
Awsome Job
Bless you

Rhonda said...

I'm excited for him. Josiah has really 'come into his own' and that must make you so proud as a mom. It's certainly not surprising that he has won the caring award. :)