Monday, October 27, 2008

Cookie Press

Several years ago my friend Teena and I were shopping together at Winners. I found this cool Cookie Press Kit and I was pretty much "drooling" over it. BUT...Shaun and I had just bought a house and it wasn't a practical thing for me to be buying. I sadly put it back on the shelf and perhaps I did moan and sigh...just a bit! Anyway, a few weeks later Teena presented me with what she called was a Housewarming Gift: The Cookie Press!!!!!! Unknown to me, she had gone back to the store and bought it for me!!

Well, it has been a difficult thing for me to master. But, yesterday Shaun and I got the hang of it! Pictured below are some of our goodies. I thought they looked a bit plain and ended up adding chocolate and sprinkles. YUM! And pretty too!

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