Friday, October 17, 2008

Cookie Questions

If you were doing Christmas Baking for hire:

1. What would you charge per. dozen?

2. Would the price vary depending on what kind of treat?

3.How would you present the treats (ie. on a paper plate, wrapped in plastic)?

4.What is your favorite Christmas treat?


Mona said...

Hi Holly
not that I would know much about baking but I do know about buying hahahaha
personally I would pay for a dozen of whatever $4.00-$20.00
$20.00 being a variety tray
I think you should charge different for cookies pies or cupcakes etc...Figure out your cost and time.
I would suggest going to the dollar store and buy some plastic Christmas trays and mini Christmas sprigs and incorporate that into your price.
Appearance and the way things are diplayed is very important to the eye.Visually pleasing makes a need into a must have.

Jen said...

Be fore I got pregnant with Michael, my mom and I had a little company going. We did special order baking for a local cafe and for personal consumers.

At Christmas, we sold festive loaves, cookie trays, squares, cheesecakes, home made jams and fruitcake.

We advertised, took orders by Monday for pick up on Friday. It was called "P&P Creations" (Patey/Piers)

Mo is right about presentation one inexpensive solution would be to keep an eye out starting soon for packs of Red/green styrofaom plate. I got a bunch at Dewes last year. They were larger than a reg. paper plate and had a nice octagonal design. Treats arranged nicely on these with ribbons, bows or the little sprigs Mo mentioned, would be quite pretty.

Pricing would depend on the treats, I can't remember our pricing right now, but go to Taste of Country and the Belleville Bakery, and see what they are charging for things similar to what you are planning..(reg. prices). That should help you figure out what people are willing to pay.

Favorite for me?
I love Christmas treats that are special, like candies or squares and cookies that look Christmasy (colors/ decorations), chocolate always wins me over.

Patty said...

I would check a fancy bakery in your area for pricing ideas. Also, I'd check in the local Goodwill for pretty china platters & plates that you can get inexpensively.

Shari said...

Hello Dollies are my favorite
square - yummy.

Shaun and Holly said...

If i remember correctly, Amy makes those and she does an amazing job!!!