Thursday, November 05, 2009

Today's to do list:

  • dust
  • vacuum
  • clean kitchen
  • laundry
  • bake some things for lunch snacks 
  • tidy up yard and garden
  • hang Christmas lights on a tree outside our living room window
  • write up a "guest post" for Hubby's work Blog (I think I'm going to be famous!) lol
  • take some things to the garage (we don't have a
  • finish trimming dog's fur 
  • set out recycling
  • get garbage organized for garbage day tomorrow
  • return a sears order. (A 30 inch waist is just too big for our very tall and very slim teenager. He really needs a 28 inch waste and that is very difficult to get with a 34 leg!!!!)
  • Blog

As you can tell there are many things to do today so I am going to do a cheat post today and link you to all the Christmas Craft and ideas that I have posted about on my Blog in previous years. 

Delicate snow flake, Button Christmas tree, gumdrop wreath,  and soft trees!

Hmmm...I am not sure if I can accomplish all that is on my list today, but I shall try...


Amy said...

I have a list quite similar (minus the pant thing) BUT I'm still feeling yuck, so may only manage to deliver the 70 flyers Hannah has to deliver. lol.
Cleaning going to have to wait until next week when I'm off.

Anonymous said...

That's quite the to-do list Holly, good luck with that! I will have to start knocking items off my list when I get home tonight! I would love some ideas for lunch snacks that you bake - quick and easy?


Shaun and Holly said...

lol Guess what? I didn't get all of that done! But I did get some of it accomplished! :)
I have a new recipe for a carrot muffin that has coconut in it, that I really like, I have tried it in a loaf. Really yummy.
Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips are another lunch box favorite.