Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No more Supper Blahs!

The whole family is excited about this trying out new recipes and meal planning for the week. So far we have tried out 2 new recipes (Hoppin Johnnie and Calizones) and they were both so yummy! I am looking forward to making (and eating!) the Lime and Cilantro Chicken too.
*All these recipies can be found on my Blog, a few posts down from this one...just click on the links*

News on the job hunt...I hope to tell you more next week but I am applying for a super cool job...I just finished up my resume and cover letter today. I am proud of all the volunteering that I have been able to do in the past 15 years of being a full time homemaker! I've been busy! (Although, I have to admit that I am FAR less busy now that the kid's are getting older)...

Laundry is calling my name...What are you all up to this week?


Patty said...

Monday - homeschool
Tuesday - homeschool, library & kids' book club
Wed.- Wednesday School at church for the kids all morning, library
Thursday - Volleyball & swimming lessons for kids,play date, homeschool
Friday - homeschool

Not a really exciting week but we keep busy with all our home school stuff.

I'm excited about the job possibilities for you - whatever God opens up for you. Hugs!


redeemed diva said...

Ok, cough it up. How do I make hoppin Johnnie's? Uh..nevermind I see it now. Well then...thanks for that.