Monday, March 01, 2010

Many years ago (17 to be exact) two young lovers were on their honeymoon. Dreaming of their life together they chose names for their "children to be". The girls name chosen was discovered while reading the Song of Solomon; it's meaning: pleasure, delight and beauty. The name: Tirzah.

Four years past in the newlyweds life and the lovely 9.5 pound baby Tirzah was born. What pleasure, delight and beauty she has brought into all our lives!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 13th Birthday Tirzah!!!!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Cutie the straightened hair and green is SOOOO your color!

Patty said...

You look gorgeous Ta!
Happy B Day! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Tirzah! Holly please tell her I LOOVE her outfit! That green looks fab on her (those words exact lol)
Hope you guys have a blast celebrating :D

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday
You are so Beautiful and I agree with everyone else that outfit is Fab and green is so your colour

redeemed diva said...

What a diva! Beautiful girl and wow can she wear green!