Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 Months

I have been working Part Time for 7 months. I am still adjusting. Learning to not let "work thoughts" consume my time when I am at home. Learning to let my mind rest so I can fall asleep at night. Next month I need to go out of the City to take some training...I will be away for 2 different weekends in the short month of Feburary. That will be another challenge for me, being away from my family and also having to be STILL and learn!

The kids are doing more chores and dear husband has been making some meals. He loves cooking meat and just bought himself some new knives and a knife sharpener. *The proper tools add to the enjoyment, you know! We have tried so many new herbs and spices, since he has been working his magic. Yum!

I have been cooking some new things in the Kitchen too: bean and cheese burritos, corn bread, beef and snow peas, and stews).

We have changed up the furniture lay out in the livingroom and we keep purging...the garage is full of things that we have taken out of the house. I think we will have a Yard Sale in the Spring.

Exams are only a few weeks away for dear son. He is "slaving" away on assignments and will soon be studying. He turns 16 in a little more than a month. Yikes!

Dear daughter will soon make a decision on where to go to High School in the fall. 2 choices for her: either she will continue on with her French or she will focus on the Arts (drama, music and fine art).


Jen said...

It's been quite a stretching year fro you all Holly, glad to see the faithfulness of God to you as you have leaped out of your comfort zone and pursued new adventures....Keep on LEAPING my friend!!!
So proud of you!

Shaun and Holly said...

Awe thanks, Jenny! :)