Monday, January 24, 2011

Deep Freeze

Today is -26 with a -36 windchill. BRrrrr! Take note that I have to walk to work today...only a 10 minute walk but it takes less than that for skin to freeze! So, I will be all bundled up in snow pants, hat and scarf.


Marsalie said...

I guess I am glad I live on the "Wet Coast" instead of Ontario. We have only had a few days this year that have been close to 0 degrees. I am often wishing for snow instead of the rain, but I am glad that I do not need mittens and hats to go outside.

Patty said...

Ugh! So sorry! Come visit me! There will be a vacancy in the camper in March. :)

Shaun and Holly said...

If only we had time to take off (work/school)! :(