Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Off

It is a hot and humid day, here in Canada. *3 days away from celebration our Country's Birthday!
So, what is a girl to do on her day off?
  • drink a coffee
  • eat a bacon and tomato sandwich (it was maple bacon, for those who must know)!
  • cut the grass
  • take a break
  • drink a lemon aid
  • go through teenager 1's clothes, sorting through outgrown things to donate, etc
  • look for missing wallet (teenager 1's wallet)...found it!
  • cut more of the grass
  • spend time on facebook
  • talk to a dear friend on the phone
  • email husband at work
  • send sister an email
  • talk to mom on the phone
  • eat a banana
  • back outside to cut the grass

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