Thursday, July 07, 2011

Anaphylactic Allergy

Yesterday, while out and about dear daughter had quite a scare. She had packed herself a lunch and got around to eating it at 2:30. Left over pizza and a (nut free) President's Choice chocolate dipped granola bar. Suddenly...her lip was tingling and then became numb. Her breathing became restricted. HELLO ALLERGIC REACTION! 2.5 hours later, she came home and told us what happened. My reaction was to run to the closet and yell to her...."Come and take this Benadrill!" 20 minutes later, she says to me: "That feels much better." OH.MY.WORD.
This would scare any parent, I am sure of that.

What is she allergic to? Here is the ingred list of the bar:
Click here!

My guess is that she is reacting to the soy.

I called her Dr. today and the soonest that they can see us in late July. Ugh! So...where ever dear daughter goes, so does Benadrill! And no more granola bars!

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Patty said...

Not good! So sorry for you all - that is always scary stuff.