Sunday, July 28, 2013

paint colour inspirations

I am pretty excited to paint our down stairs bathroom! One wall will be a dark Gray (it's actually called Grilled Sardine, which I think it hilarious)!

We will also be changing the shower curtain and the décor on the walls. It' s a small bathroom so there isn't much wall space. I will take before and after picture...if I remember. ;)

Before I tackle the bathroom project I need to finish painting our bedroom ceiling. It isn't as simple as it sounds as our bedroom has slanted ceilings so there are many angles that I am also having to paint. I have done 3 layers of cutting in. Today we bought a pole for the roller and a tray as well as more paint, so this week I can finish the job. It's really a challenging thing to do since we have our furniture in the room. I will try to push things around and everything will be covered up since there is bound to be some drips and some splatter.


The Hippie Moose said...

LOVE the colours!!!

Shaun and Holly said...

Thank you! I am really pleased with it! It has given it a much more elegant feel!