Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Josiah has an interesting picture of this massive frog, posted on his blog. It is very impressive (to some of us)! Josiah won a draw yesterday that his school had for a Read-a-Thon. He won a $10. gift card for Chapters. Tirzah was feeling left out...but not for long... Amy dropped in today and blessed us girls with some make-up. Tirzah loves nail polish and lip gloss with sparkles. I have it all set up on her dresser so she will see it when she gets home. Thank you Amy!!

On another note...some of you have been praying for me as I have had a very sore back. I have a new compassion for anyone suffering from back pain.
I am happy to say it is feeling much better. Thanks for praying. God is a HEALER!!

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