Monday, March 26, 2007


This morning after I got Josiah and Tirzah off to school, I had a close look at my garden. I planted 10 purple tulips in the Fall. I planted most of them very deeply as I was concerned that the squirrels would dig them up and have them for lunch. So, just in case I planted a few higher up. Well, today I was able to spot 3 little tulips pushing through the wet soil. YEAH! So far the ones that I can see are the ones that I planted very deep. So...maybe the squirrels did find the others? Does anyone have any tips for me for this coming Fall? I would like to plant some other bulbs, several different varieties. What are your favorites (kinds and colours)?


Amy said...


I have a book that my grandmother gave me (bless her soul...i wish she were still around to help with my garden!!).. it doesn't have anything about tulips, but you are more than welcome to borrow is quite interesting.
Perennial Favorites by Lois Hole's

Williams Family Blog said...


The daffodils are coming up in my garden. I was very surprised at how quick they came up.

Say, speaking of tulips, I love them. (Gotta be my dutch blood) My favourites are the red ones.However, I know that they come in some pretty funky colours. I will talk to my Mom and my aunt after they return from their trip to Holland. If they have any suggestions about tulips and fall planting I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Can't give you much advice on tulips, I just planted them for the first time myself this fall.
Haven't seen any sign of them coming up yet... Oh no!! Hope they made it through, I don't have squirrels here.........

Shari will probably know alot about tulips.

Shari said...

I have planted tulips every Jan thaw for the past three years....I'm serious. My Mom keeps giving me the bulbs and then I keep forgetting to plant them and usually discover the bulbs as I doing my Christmas decorating. So I set them aside and WAIT for a warmer day....I dig in the least frozen spot and stick'em in...and they come up!! There is a God and I know him!!!

Tamatha said...

lol....Shari makes me laugh!