Saturday, August 11, 2012

17 day Diet

Day 5

Hardest day yet! Actually, yesterday was also challenging. I craved chocolate yesterday big time and today I am so very tired of salad. And I do feel hungry today. A lot hungry. 

Our grocery bills have been very high :( About $200 a week. Normally, it would be about $145-160). Ok, maybe it's not that much more. All that fresh produce and all that protein really adds up.  When our 1st 17 days are up and we move on to a different 17 day cycle it may cost less. I hope so. The teenagers are still eating "normally" so preparing sometimes 2 supper meal each evening is tiring. Thankfully, husband cooks quite a bit but I do all the planning, meal choosing, grocery list making, etc. It takes quite a bit of time to get all organized to make sure we have the right foods for all the 3 meal and 2 snacks each day.  Hopefully, all our hard work will pay off in the end and we will loose the weight that we want to! (Me: 20 pounds and Husband: 10 pounds).

Teenagers are having a good Summer. Daughter has re discovered the joy of writing and loves the privacy of her bedroom. Son got dropped off at the mall today and bought some coloured denim jeans (skinny) and candy from Bulk Bark. Priorities! hahahaha

Beautiful day today. Husband is meeting up with a friend to drive the motorcycle and daughter is going along for the ride. Son and I will hang out at home with the 2 pups.

Grrrr....Excuse me. That was my tummy. It's hungry. ;)

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