Monday, August 13, 2012

17 Day Diet

Day 6

Yesterday was a hard day! :( I think Saturdays may be like that. We are all home and want to munch. -Sunday was easier.

Breakfast: yogurt, peach, coffee (I cheated and had a sugar)
snack: did not have (was at church)
Lunch: salad of spinach, iceburg lettuce, green onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, matchstick carrots and fat free salad dressing
snack: shared a yogurt drink with Shaun
Supper: Talipia fish and grilled peppers and zucchini

Green tea and water

Day 7

Breakfast: 2 eggs, pear
snack: peach
Lunch: chicken veggie soup (homemade)
snack: Cottage cheese
Supper: Turkey Burgers, veggies

************** I have lost 5 pounds in 7 Days********************

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