Thursday, August 16, 2012

17 day Diet

DAY 10

Breakfast: yogurt, blueberries
snack: peach, slice of cheese (I cheated. I was hungry!)

Lunch: Salad (spinach greens, romain lettuce, yellow, green, purple pepper (that one was from our garden!), cucumber, carrot matchsticks tomato (from our garden) and a green onion. Sounds like a lot of ingreds, doesn't it? Imagion how long it takes to chew/eat! lol Husband and I are finding that we get tired of eating/chewing before we are full. ;)


Supper: Taco salad (with ground turkey)

Green tea and water as usual

I am writing this at 11;26, it is almost lunch time and I am very hungry. Even considering that I ate cheese that I wasn't supossed too. As I mentioned in an earlier post we spend $200 on Groceries this past week. Well today we are out of yogurt, cottage cheese and all out lean protiens (except for the turkey for tonight). But husband and I won't spend any more $$$ so we will not be able to follow our 17 day diet perfectly on Friday. :( We will try to be good though, I promise. I have lost 6 pounds and it feels GOOD!

We have an outing Saturday evening. That will also be a challange to eat properly but we will do our best. :)

The teens leave for Summer camp this Sunday. They haven't started to pack yet. Only 3 more sleeps!!! :)

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